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Study in USA: Master’s Scholarships in Data Science & Analytics at Georgia State University | 2023 Fully Funded

Study in USA: Master’s Scholarships in Data Science & Analytics at Georgia State University | 2023 Fully Funded

Study in USA: Master’s Scholarships in Data Science & Analytics at Georgia State University | 2023 Fully Funded

If you are interested in Master’s Scholarships in Data Science and Analytics, then consider applying for this program at Georgia State University. The program is funded for the defined length through internal scholarships and graduate assistantships.

Read the program details and application guide below.

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About Georgia State University

With six campuses spread around metro Atlanta, the institution gives its world-class professors and more than 52,000 students with unparalleled access to the possibilities offered in one of the world’s major global cities of the twenty-first century. Georgia State University, a national leader in graduating students from varied backgrounds, offers a rich experience with award-winning housing, hundreds of student clubs and organizations, and one of the country’s most diverse student bodies. Students, professors, and alumni appreciate the campus’s distinct personality and culture, which is founded on ambition, hard work, devotion, and tenacity.

Study in USA: Master’s Scholarships in Data Science & Analytics at Georgia State University | 2023 Fully Funded

Whether you are a math prodigy or a liberal arts major, the curriculum will be tailored to your talents and professional objectives. After analyzing your application, the admissions committee will determine if the data scientist or citizen data scientist route is suitable for you. Both programs are STEM-focused. You will get experience with machine learning, deep learning, Python, and big data through both programmes of study, and you will have the opportunity to attend boot camps covering topics such as SAS, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure. Check out the variations between each track in the table below.

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There are several scholarship opportunities available for international students. See the scholarships page

Robinson Scholarships

Robinson offers several scholarships through the Office of the Dean as well as the individual academic departments.

Learn More and Apply

Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate research assistantships are available to offset program costs.

Learn More and Apply

How to Apply For the Master’s Scholarships in Data Science & Analytics at Georgia State University | 2023 Fully Funded

Application Requirements

  • Online application and $50 application fee
  • Video interview as part of the online application
  • A GMAT or GRE score is not required.
  • College transcripts:Each transcript must be sealed with the official seal of the institution across the flap. If an institution’s policies prohibit sending official transcripts to applicants for use with self-managed applications, transcripts may be mailed directly to the Office of Admissions – Graduate Programs at the address listed below.
  • Personal statement:The personal statement allows applicants to introduce themselves to the Master’s Admissions Committee and emphasize attributes crucial to success in a graduate business school that may not be visible in test results and previous academic achievement. Read more …
  • Resume – Work experience preferred but not required
  • Letters of Recommendation:Although it is not required, you are welcome to submit a letter of recommendation. Recommendation letters may be submitted through the online application process or in sealed envelopes from the recommender; recommenders must sign their names across the sealed portion of the back of the envelope.
  • Required Essay: Explain why the Robinson College of Business, and the specific program to which you are applying, is optimal for helping you accomplish your short- and long-term professional goals in a single essay of no more than 750 words. You should also explain why you think you’d be a good match for the Robinson College of Business and the program to which you’re applying.
  • Optional Essay:If you have more information or believe there are mitigating circumstances, please share them with the Admissions Committee (i.e. academic performance issues or areas of weakness in the application). Please keep your comment to 250 words or less.

Additional requirements apply for international applicants

How to Apply

  1. Complete the online application along with the $50 application fee. When applying to the Data Science & Analytics program, be sure to select data science and business or legal analytics in the dropdown menu.
  2. Prepare to do a necessary video interview as part of your online application.The video interview is your chance to demonstrate your personality to the admissions committee and explain why you are a good match for Robinson. Prior to moving to the final video prompt, you will have the option to test your system for compatibility, but you will only have one opportunity to record your responses. If a second in-person or Skype interview is required, you will be notified by a member of the admissions committee.
  3. Submit test scores if required: 

Test Codes

    • To send official GMAT scores to Georgia State, use the code QCK-ZW-99.
    • To send official GRE/MAT/TOEFL/IELTSscores to Georgia State, select institution code 5251.
    • For submitting official IETLSscores, select Georgia State University Graduate Admissions. 

Unofficial transcripts may be submitted at the time of application.

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Application Deadlines: 

The Robinson College of Business reviews applications on a rolling basis. The deadlines below are intended to serve as benchmarks.

  • Early Priority Scholarship Deadline: October 1
  • Priority Scholarship Deadline II: December 1
  • Priority Scholarship Deadline III: February 1
  • International Student Deadline: April 1
  • Final Deadline: July 11

Fall 2022 Application Deadline Extension to Monday, July 11

Study in USA: Master’s Scholarships in Data Science & Analytics at Georgia State University | 2023 Fully Funded


Program Information




  • How to Apply: To be eligible for this funding package, a candidate must apply and be admitted into the graduate program. See: How to Apply for Scholarships in Canada for useful tips on how to apply.
  • Supporting Documents: Prospective applicants must prepare their documents such as academic transcripts and diplomas, academic references, resume and statement of intent. Check the Required documents for graduate school applications
  • Admission Requirements: Eligible applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements. Note that admission into the program is competitive, and meeting the minimum requirements is no guarantee of being admitted into the program. See our Guide on Applying to Schools Abroad with Scholarships. 


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