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How to Apply to Schools Abroad with Scholarship: A Guide

If you are thinking about studying abroad with scholarships, then EduAbroad 411 is your go-to place for information on how to apply to schools for both graduate and undergraduate studies. This series of articles serves as a guide on how to apply to schools abroad with scholarship and funding opportunities. It discusses the general processes in selecting a country, finding a good school, and selecting the best programs with enough scholarships to make your study abroad experience an awesome one. After finding the perfect school in your desired destination, I will take you through a step-by-step process of applying to a program with enough funding to complete your studies and usher you into post-graduation working opportunities. Again, the goal here is to provide you with all the tricks and tips to succeed with your graduate studies applications.

Choosing a Country for Graduate Studies

Are you contemplating what countries to consider for a graduate or an undergraduate study abroad program?  There are several factors that you need to consider when choosing your destination country for study abroad. The article Want to Study Abroad with Scholarships? Why you should consider Canada & U.S in 2022 briefly introduced some reasons why students choose destinations such as Canada and the United States of America for studies. I will be looking to expound more on this topic in this article: 

Funding And Scholarship

The first factor I want you to consider before deciding the country to choose for your graduate study abroad program is the availability of scholarships and funding. What I want you to focus on here is the availability of the scholarships & funding and the rate at which they are awarded to international students. There may be several countries that have funding for international students to pursue graduate studies in various programs, but some countries are notable for providing more funding opportunities to international students. There are a lot of top universities in several countries that offer scholarships to international graduate students. Although it may be difficult to identify which countries provide the most scholarships and funding for graduate studies, I would not want you to worry about this. EduAbroad 411 will provide you with scholarships and funding opportunities for graduate studies around the world. Check the Scholarships tab for a list of scholarships from some of the countries with a high scholarship offering rate for graduate studies.

Post-Graduation Immigration

One of the factors (and I say this is one of the most important) to consider when selecting your preferred study abroad destination is the post-study/post-graduation conditions. Now, you may be asking why not worry about this after you finish your program. But I want to emphasize that life after graduation is one of the factors that should influence your decision about the country. Ask these questions: what are the conditions of international graduate students after their studies? Are there opportunities for international graduate students to thrive after their studies? That is, are the immigration policies favorable to international graduate students after studies, and are there equal job opportunities for these international graduates to thrive in the post-graduation period? For now, I want you to consider these questions when making a decision and allow some time to do a bit of research on this.

Social and Geography

The next factor to consider is the geographical and social landscape of the country. This includes the weather conditions, language, food, lifestyle of the people, and above all, safety. It is important to do some research about these factors before deciding to study in a country, given the differences in culture and weather conditions could impact the success of your studies. Some countries such as Canada can be extremely cold, although there are a few warm places, however, the country has been noted to be a very tolerant and non-discriminatory society, with opportunities for immigrants to live and thrive in the country. So, you will need to do some reality checks and analyze the pros and cons before making a decision about your preferred destination of study.

Quality and Standard

The next important factor to consider is the standard of the educational system in the country. This is also very important and you need to pay attention to the standard of the system in the country you intend to choose as your preferred study abroad destination. Sometimes the decision to study abroad in a particular country is solely dependent on the post-graduation opportunities as discussed above, however, the quality of your studies and your successful completion of the program significantly impact your life as an immigrant after your graduate program.


In short, this article focused on the factors that you should consider before deciding the country for a study abroad program. Studying abroad –especially with scholarship– is a game changer for graduate students from around the world. In fact, some believe the decision to study abroad can be deemed as the best decision in their lives, and choosing the right destination is significant. I will introduce you to other interesting factors to consider, that will in turn, significantly impact your graduate studies abroad. The next article will discuss some of the factors to consider when making a decision about the school.


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