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How to Apply for Master’s Abroad with a Second-Class

How to Apply for Masters Abroad with a Second-Class

Often, students are caught up with the question of whether they can apply to a graduate school abroad with Second Class. A lot of undergraduate students keep asking if they need to make a 3.9 GPA or 90 percent Average to get into a graduate program with funding and scholarship. The answer to this question is: NO, you do not necessarily need a 3.9/4.0 GPA to be admitted into graduate studies abroad with funding. It is possible to apply to a graduate program with a 3.0 (Second Class) or a 70 percent Average with success, and here is the reason why:

How to Apply for Masters Abroad with a Second-Class

Applying to graduate schools requires that you meet the minimum admission requirement. This minimum requirement may vary depending on the institution and program you are applying. For instance, admission into the Master’s program at Brock University in Canada requires a minimum of 75 percent (Mid-B) Average over the last two years of full-time undergraduate studies. Note that emphasis is on the last two years of your undergraduate studies, which I will explain further. However, there are program specific requirements that need to be met before making a decision to apply into the program. 

Emphasis on the last two years of your undergraduate studies means you should have gotten a minimum of 75% Average or B (at least a 3.0/4.0 GPA or Second Class) to be considered for admission into the program. This means that, even if your Final Average is less than 75% (for the purpose of applying to a graduate program at Brock University), but the cumulative average for your level 300 and level 400 are higher or equal to the 75% Average or 3.0/4.0 GPA, then you are qualified to submit an application for review. 

While some schools also cap the minimum Average at 70% for the last two years of undergraduate studies, it is important to check for the specific minimum requirement from the program you are applying to. This is very important, as your application will not be reviewed if you do not meet the minimum requirement. If your school has a GPA system and you are unsure about the conversion into an Average, you can check the school’s website for how to convert your GPA to Average or reach out to the program Administrative Assistant for answers.

See the post on Starting your Graduate Studies Application: Tips & Tricks for guidance on how to complete a strong application for graduate studies abroad with funding and scholarship. Note that the GPA or Average is not the only factor that is considered in admission decision making, so take some time to submit an overall strong application. Ensure that you prepare all required application documents, and submit them in time before the application deadline – see the post on Required Documents for Graduate Studies Application.



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